The world championship is coming to Japan!
Date: Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd, November 2014
Place: Narita-City, Chiba, Japan

Countdown to 2014 World SAMBO Championships



What is SAMBO?

SAMBO is a combat sport devised in 1930’s in Soviet Union. Based on Japan’s Judo and other traditional combat sports from Soviet Union, it was created to be a common language that would be a stronger bond than words.

Since SAMBO jacket is similar with the Judo jacket, you might think SAMBO is similar with Judo. However, SAMBO allows more freedom in holds, for example, locking of shoulder, leg or hip is permitted, so they have various techniques.

Recently, their techniques are getting more attention in Japan and Japanese national team of Judo visited the training camp of Japan SAMBO Federation in 2013. Not a small number of both professional and amateur martial artists study SAMBO techniques.

In Japan, there are about 350 senior and 150 kid Sambists. We have to say it is still a minor sport in Japan, but more and more Japanese Sambists are winning medals in international championships after Universiade.

2014 Japan-Russia Martial Art Friendship Year memorial event

Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and Russia’s President Putin agreed on making the year 2014 Japan-Russia Martial Art Friendship Year to make exchanges through martial arts at the top meeting in April 2013.

Then Japan was selected to be the host country of 2014 World SAMBO Championships at the congress of FIAS in October 2013, led by FIAS President Shestakov, who is a close adviser to President Putin. The entrance of Japan, Narita City was selected to be the host city. Since this year is also the 60th Anniversary for Narita City, 2014 WSC will be a memorial event for them too and it will receive huge support from both Narita City and the Friendship Year project.

World SAMBO Championships are getting bigger and bigger every year. There are national SAMBO federations in about 90 countries and over 70 countries participate in WSC. There are 3 categories, Senior Sport SAMBO men, women and Combat SAMBO men and 9 classes in each, making 27 classes in all. Athletes and officials total more than 500 participants. It is a huge international project.

Through SAMBO to the world

SAMBO was born in Soviet Union. After the Soviet’s fall in 1990’s, Russia has taken over the actual leadership in spreading SAMBO. President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has practiced SAMBO and is Honorary President of FIAS (International Federation of SAMBO). “The Strongest Man on Earth”, the world-renown martial artist Fedor Emelianenko’s backbone of martial arts is SAMBO.

Overseas, various athletes or great politicians have been practicing SAMBO. It would be marvelous if SAMBO spreads all over the world, gets stronger and better, and at the same time this World Championship will promote the friendship between Japan, Russia and world youth.

Event Detail

■Event Name
2014 World SAMBO Championships
International SAMBO Federation
Japan SAMBO Federation
■Supported by
Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan / Chiba Prefecture / Narita City / Chiba Prefectural Board of Education / Narita City Board of Education / Japan Wrestling Federation / All Japan Judo Federation / Chiba Prefectural Judo Federation
■Cooperated by
Kanda University of International Studies / Nippon Sport Science University / Tokyo School of Business / Hakubi Kyoto Kimono School
21st – 23rd November 2014
Nakadai Sports Park Narita City Arena
■Number of Participating Countries
About 70
■Number of Participating athletes
About 600
Senior Sport SAMBO Men
Senior Sport SAMBO Women
Senior Combat SAMBO Men