The world championship is coming to Japan!
Date: Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd, November 2014
Place: Narita-City, Chiba, Japan

Countdown to 2014 World SAMBO Championships


Privacy Policy

Japan SAMBO Federation (JSF), the host of 2014 World SAMBO Championships, understands the importance of personal information and practices below policy.

  1. We respect all customers’ privacy and manage the offered personal information with utmost care.
  2. When we collect personal information from customers, it is limited for the purpose to offer customers services that we explain on this site.
  3. We manage the collected information with no access from general customers. We will not give away information to the third party without customers’ consent unless special occasions come up as below:
    • (Special occasions)
    • -If JSF deems that the customer inflicts any disadvantage to a third party, JSF may disclose the information to the third party or the police.
    • -If there is an immediate danger to a human life, body or property and it is deemed to be necessary to protect them.
    • -If the court, the public prosecutor, the police, the attorney, the consumer center or other similarly authorized organizations asks for the disclosure.
    • -If the disclosure is called for to protect our right or property.
    • -If the customer agrees to disclose or share the information or to explain our services to FIAS, Japan SAMBO Federation or our (actually or potentially) cooperative or sponsoring companies, or for other legal purposes, we may disclose the information. The information that would identify the customer will not be included for the statistical data. If JSF asks other company to manage the information, we make it their duty not to disclose or re-offer and manage properly.
  4. A contractor may manage the information to attain the goal in #2. In that case, we make it their duty not to disclose or re-offer and manage properly.
  5. If a customer wish to check or correct the personal information, please let us know. We will take care of the matter as soon as reasonably possible.
  6. We use Cookie for the convenience of the customer. The customer may refuse to accept Cookie or get a warning when they receive it by how they set the browser.
  7. JSF will abide the laws and rules applied to the personal information we keep and maintain and improve the above-described activities and protection.

※Email to for inquiries on Privacy Policy.